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The ENERSON Powered by Teksan range of electric generator sets is designed to supply power in backup mode. In the event of a mains power cut, your Enerson Powered by Teksan diesel electric generator set takes over and continues to supply energy for your activity.

The Enerson Powered by Teksan diesel electric generator sets, which range from 10 kVA to 1,250 kVA, meet numerous international standards. We can also meet demands for more than 1,250 kVA of power.

Our solutions are generally designed for industry, such as pharmaceuticals, shopping malls, hospitals, care homes and all types of public services.

Why choose an Enerson Powered by Teksan Diesel electric generator set ?

Efficient and competitive diesel electric generator sets

ENERSON supplies diesel electric generator sets equipped with engines made by PERKINS, DOOSAN and BAUDOUIN. These high-performance engines meet the ISO 8528, ISO 3046, BS 5514 and DIN 6271 standards.

The ENERSON Powered by Teksan electric generator sets are highly competitive, thanks to their low fuel consumption.

The alternators in the ENERSON Powered by Teksan electric generator sets use cutting-edge technologies to offer reliability and outstanding performances. The alternators meet the EC 60034-1, IEC EN 60034-1, BS 4999-5000, VDE 0530, NF 51-100.111, OVE M-10 and NEMA MG 1.22 standards . They are equipped with maintenance-free roller bearing systems.

All of the ENERSON Powered by Teksan diesel electric generator sets are equipped with DEEPSEA 7320 control and command units. This control and command unit regulates the engine and the alternator, and communicates remotely with the generator set.

The control and command unit controls and monitors the backup diesel electric generator set. It is housed in a single module for easy access to the monitoring, measurement, protection and fault diagnosis information.

If necessary, our diesel electric generator sets can be enclosed in a soundproofed housing to reduce noise levels. All our backup electric generator sets can be transported easily.

The Enerson Powered by Teksan electric generator sets feature built-in single- or double-shell tanks. We can adapt our solution to meet your capacity requirements. Please contact our team for more information.

Filter by engine brand
Filter by power
10 kVA1250 kVA

Perkins – TJ10PE5L

10 kVA

Baudouin – TJ11BD5L

11 kVA

Baudouin – TJ14BD5L

14 kVA

Perkins – TJ14PE5L

14 kVA

Baudouin – TJ17BD5L

17 kVA

Baudouin – TJ21BD5L

21 kVA

Perkins – TJ22PE5L

22 kVA

Baudouin – TJ26BD5L

26 kVA

Perkins – TJ33PE5L

33 kVA

Baudouin – TJ35BD5L

35 kVA

Baudouin – TJ44BD5L

44 kVA

Perkins – TJ50PE5L

50 kVA

Baudouin – TJ50BD5L

50 kVA

Baudouin – TJ58BD5L

58 kVA

Perkins – TJ66PE5L

66 kVA

Baudouin – TJ66BD5L

66 kVA

Baudouin – TJ71BD5L

71 kVA

Perkins – TJ72PE5L

72 kVA

Perkins – TJ88PE5L

88 kVA

Baudouin – TJ88BD5L

88 kVA

Doosan – TJ88DW5L

88 kVA

Perkins – TJ100PE5L

100 kVA

Baudouin – TJ100BD5L

100 kVA

Perkins – TJ110PE5L

110 kVA

Doosan – TJ110DW5L

110 kVA

Baudouin – TJ122BD5L

122 kVA

Doosan – TJ131DW5L

131 kVA

Perkins – TJ150PE5L

150 kVA

Baudouin – TJ150BD5L

150 kVA

Perkins – TJ165PE5L

165 kVA

Baudouin – TJ165BD5L

165 kVA

Perkins – TJ182PE5L

182 kVA

Baudouin – TJ182BD5L

182 kVA

Doosan – TJ182DW5L

182 kVA

Perkins – TJ200PE5L

200 kVA

Doosan – TJ201DW5L

201 kVA

Perkins – TJ220PE5L

220 kVA

Baudouin – TJ220BD5L

220 kVA

Doosan – TJ221DW5L

221 kVA

Perkins – TJ248PE5L

248 kVA

Baudouin – TJ253BD5L

253 kVA

Perkins – TJ270PE5L

270 kVA

Baudouin – TJ275BD5L

275 kVA

Doosan – TJ275DW5L

275 kVA

Perkins – TJ303PE5L

303 kVA

Baudouin – TJ330BD5L

330 kVA

Doosan – TJ330DW5L

330 kVA

Perkins – TJ345PE5L

345 kVA

Doosan – TJ350DW5L

350 kVA

Baudouin – TJ350BD5L

350 kVA

Perkins – TJ389PE5L

389 kVA

Perkins – TJ400PE5L

400 kVA

Baudouin – TJ400BD5L

400 kVA

Doosan – TJ400DW5L

400 kVA

Baudouin – TJ440BD5L

440 kVA

Perkins – TJ450PE5L

450 kVA

Doosan – TJ450DW5L

450 kVA

Perkins – TJ500PE5L

500 kVA

Baudouin – TJ500BD5L

500 kVA

Doosan – TJ500DW5L

500 kVA

Baudouin – TJ540BD5L

540 kVA

Perkins – TJ550PE5L

550 kVA

Baudouin – TJ550BD5L

550 kVA

Doosan – TJ550DW5L

550 kVA

Doosan – TJ584DW5L

584 kVA

Perkins – TJ600PE5L

600 kVA

Doosan – TJ600DW5L

600 kVA

Doosan – TJ633DW5L

633 kVA

Perkins – TJ660PE5L

660 kVA

Baudouin – TJ660BD5L

660 kVA

Doosan – TJ660DW5L

660 kVA

Perkins – TJ680PE5L

680 kVA

Doosan – TJ706DW5L

706 kVA

Baudouin – TJ715BD5L

715 kVA

Perkins – TJ721PE5L

721 kVA

Doosan – TJ730DW5L

730 kVA

Baudouin – TJ750BD5L

750 kVA

Doosan – TJ750DW5L

750 kVA

Perkins – TJ804PE5L

804 kVA

Perkins – TJ805PE5L

805 kVA

Baudouin – TJ818BD5L

818 kVA

Doosan – TJ821DW5L

821 kVA

Perkins – TJ841PE5L

841 kVA

Perkins – TJ855PE5L

855 kVA

Perkins – TJ886PE5L

886 kVA

Baudouin – TJ896BD5L

896 kVA

Doosan – TJ901DW5L

901 kVA

Perkins – TJ902PE5L

902 kVA

Perkins – TJ1000PE5L

1000 kVA

Doosan – TJ1010DW5L

1018 kVA

Baudouin – TJ1040BD5L

1040 kVA

Perkins – TJ1100PE5L

1100 kVA

Baudouin – TJ1100BD5L

1100 kVA

Perkins – TJ1250PE5L

1250 kVA

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